Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Free Essay Writer and more answers to your questions.

What is a Free Essay Writer?

It is a free writing platform to generate academic texts for various purposes. The tool is powered by AI that matches provided keywords with relevant data and generates a text according to the requested topic.

Can I use Free Essay Writer?

Yes. You can use the software for free without any subscription or extra fee. Simply type your keywords and copy the result.

Is it safe to use Free Essay Writer?

Yes. Our company follows a strict Privacy Policy. We do not request any sensitive data. You can learn more about our Privacy Policy in the footer at the bottom of this page.

How many times can I use Free Essay Writer?

As many times as you need, we do not limit the number of sessions per person.

How do I choose keywords?

Think of the most relevant keywords to describe the topic of your essay. You can select one keyword or multiple keywords. If you have the topic or title ready, use them instead of keywords. Try different keywords to see how it works, compare the results, and choose the essay that corresponds to your requirements the best.

Where do I put my keywords?

Return to the main page. You will find a search box on the first screen. Type your keywords in the search box and press the button to generate the text.

How is my essay written?

The tool compares your keywords with thousands of samples featured in our in-house database. This way, it defines your essay's topic and main idea and collects data for it. Pieces of information are mixed and rewritten to compose a new essay that matches your keyword search. Furthermore, external academic sources are used to contribute to the overall result, making it even more credible and accurate.

Will my essay be original?

It depends on the topic. The software is designed to match, mix, and rewrite data collected related to your keyword search. However, checking the text for plagiarism is best as we can’t guarantee 100% originality of generated content.

I didn’t get any results.

Rephrase your keywords or try different ones. Use research questions. Or use our free title generator to create a title for your essay first. Then use it to generate a relevant text.

What other services do you offer?

On our main page, you can find other free tools available for you. Besides our free software, you can also request help from a professional subject-specific writer. We recommend our custom services to those who need an expertly written paper or help with other academic assignments. We guarantee high quality, a custom approach, and 100% confidentiality.

Can I get help from a human expert?

Yes. Our team has competent writers across all disciplines. We can assign an expert with a corresponding degree to work on your order and deliver it by the deadline you need. All orders our writers create are 100% plagiarism-free and made following your specific requirements.

How do I order help from a human expert?

Press the ‘Order’ button to get started. Fill out a simple form with relevant information about your type of request, such as your type of work, subject, and deadline. Upload instructions or share your preferences with the expert in the comment section. The price for your order will be calculated automatically, so you can see the total amount before confirming your order.

How much does it cost to hire a human expert?

Depends on your type of request. Your order will be calculated automatically following the provided information about it. The price is based on your type of work, the number of pages, academic level, and deadline. You can see the total amount right away. If you want to confirm your order, make a safe online payment and wait for a further email confirmation.